Welcome to my Wish List. While I do have one at Amazon, and another one at Walmart – there are some things that aren’t available at either store. In addition, it can be a pain in the a** to have to go through various places to see what I may want.

I utilize Amazon a great deal. This is because of the interactions I have with them, and the fact I regularly purchase items like dog food from them. With this in mind, it will make sense that most of the wish lists will have links with them. For this site, I will integrate more with the wish list there, and therefore use this site to go into more detail of why I would need or want an item.

As for prices, one could see most items ranging between $25, and $500 with a couple of items exceeding $500, and a few items less than $25. For those that will wish to acquire a gift card for me, but don’t have my residence, Amazon does offer the ability to send an e-gift card by email using your credit or debit card. If this is not an option, you can choose to purchase one locally to you, and send the Amazon Gift code via email. In either instance, the email address you will wish to send the code or certificate is frank@pilone.name.